Denon 3910 vs Arcam CD92: Redbook Performance

Any thoughts on these two? I'd like to know your opinions on how good these two are when reproducing redbook cds. Which one is more 'detailed'? Which one gives a more 'forward' presentation?

I have not heard Denon,The Arcam to me is not forward,and sounds awfully good,if the details are on the disc the Arcam will get to them,also use a aftermarket power cord,more so with digital.
What PC are you using on your CD? I'm thining of getting a Flavor 4 or Cryomax Beast but haven't made up my mind yet...
The cd 92was just sold went to cd 33 I am using a new digital power cord from Signal cable.The price on the 33 was nice,i will let people know how the two players compare hopefully thhe 33 is a step up,i think it will be,but i know people have stuck with the ring on the other hand also.Anyway cant wait to get the 33. Anyone who wants to chime in on the 33 lets go.
Sold the cd33,bought another cd 92this time a cd92T,eventually the 33 didnt do it,the 92 is even better then i remember it to be.