Denon 3910 vibrations during DVD loading...


Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem that I've encountered with my Denon 3910. Occasionally, when the 3910 is loading a DVD, it seems to start vibrating during the loading process. I mean that I can hear a high speed 'vibrating'/ 'rattling' noise come from the compartment. As a result, it takes quite a while before images load up on the screen. Most the time, I need to stop it and restart it or open up the compartment and restart it before it runs properly. Once it's running, it functions properly with no other issues. I've checked the DVD and it doesn't seem to be damaged or warped? The only noticable difference is that this particular DVD is THX rated. Any ideas?

By the way, I'm also looking to upgrade so would it be advisable to have the 3910 modded for $1500 or buy a higher end unit such as a DV50s or other model?
thanks, Rick
If you're looking to have the 3910 modded, seriously check out Alex Pechev's mods. I THINK his URL is His mods do wonders for the unit, though they aren't cheap.
I have a hram level 2 modded 3910 and love it. All their mods have the apl clock.
Vibration has been an issue with the Denon 2900 and Denon 3910,
although it is much improved in the Denon 3910. Generally, though, any
vibration does not adversely affect the operation of the units, although it
can be a little freaky to observe.

The problem you describe seems abnormal, and is perhaps an issue best
examined by a qualified service technician...especially before you invest
more money in the unit by having it modified (and voiding the warranty).