Denon 3910 tube comparisons

Has anyone compared the Denon 3910 tube mods, Underwood vs Exemplar vs APL? I am interested in how the Underwood stacks up?
Audioholics recently did a test of the Underwood-modified 3910. Here's the link:

There is also a full review of the stock 3910 (which was Audioholics' "Editor's Choice" in the group of machines tested).
You will hear great things from owners of all 3 mods. Unfortunately, it seems that nobody has compared the latest of these 3 units. I have the most current Exemplar 3910 and think it's outstanding! It's the best digital I have heard, but I haven't heard the APL or Underwood.
I second 84audio. I have had many players, I have found the Exemplar 3910 with the opamp mods that are now included to be the best. I have heard the APL at CES and hope to hear it here soon. The Exemplar has been better than the dCS, Esoteric, and EMM units that I have had.