Denon 3910 playing DVD-Audio is video blocked?

Any 3910 owners, I would please like to know whether you also get video output when playing DVD-Audio disks? The review at says the video is blank when playing DVD-Audio; this would be very inconvenient. I have had great sound from DVD-Audio feeding from my Yamaha DVD-S1500 into a Slim Devices Transporter used as a DAC. Alas the SACD sound from the Yamaha is poor, not as good as plain CD on my older Accuphase CD player. I would like to add SACD capability and welcome general comments on SACD vs. CD on the 3910, running two-channel. Thanks!
I use that player but only in a two channel system. The DVD-A and SACD playback are quite good. For CD I use it as a transport feeding a MSB Link III. I can't answer you question as I've never used it for video. The only drawback is needed a video feed for much of the seutp.
If you have no video output, how do you access the menus? In any case, video content on DVD-As is very limited but it should work.

I connected mine to monitor for the initial setup and put it in my two channel system. I agree any video content on a DVD-A should appear on screen.
Thanks for your comments, it's good to see happy owners out there. On DVD-Audio there is usually a multichannel mix which plays by default and also a stereo mix which you can choose. As Kr4 points out you need to see the menus; that is my question. I bought a micro LCD monitor which I use with the Yamaha DVD player to access the DVD-Audio menus in my stereo system; this allows me to choose the stereo mix. My concern is whether the Denon 3910 will display them when playing DVD-Audio. I don't want to watch the content, just pick the right selection from the menu when I start the disk. Perhaps someone who has their 3910 connected to their TV can let us know. Thanks!
Since you have the micro why don't you just try it?
I don't own a 3910 now; I am considering buying one. If the 3910 won't display menus on the video output during DVD-Audio play, it would be a poor choice for me. That's why I'm querying current owners. Sorry I was unclear.