Denon 3808 or 2809

Looking to buy one of these? Any experience with either? They look pretty similar in features but the 3808 weighs about 10 lbs more? Better quality?
It has an additional HDMI input I believe. I ended up with the 3808 which replaced an old B&K Ref20. I purchased it for the new audio codecs DTS-MA and Dolby Tru HD. Great sounding unit.
If I were you, I'd get the 3808. It is a better unit than the 2809. You will have a more feature rich receiver. The 2809 will be a level step down from the 3808. Lots of good deals out there on them too. I have a 5308CI and I love it.
I have the 3808 as well as love it. I particularly love the PURE DIRECT feature, since it is used mostly for music. If you like the "Denon sound" - go for it.
AVR-3808ci and higher like the 4308 and 5808 are built in Japan - the lower models are built in China - So, I would say go 3808! Good Luck and ENJOY!