Denon 3806 + B&W 803D....amp suggestions???

Hey All,

I've got an uncle with a dilemma. He's currently got his 3806 already running his house system (speakers on the back porch, speakers in the kitchen, etc) in addition to his mains 803D's. His primary area where he seeks to invest is the main listening room where he desires high quality 2 channel stereo performance, though he knows his in-wall b&w's will respond favorably to more amplification. If possible, he desires to keep the 3806 and just use it for it's processing capabilities expanding his amplification or just keep life simple by buying yet a more powerful receiver. He just got the 803D's and he understands that the 3806 is not adequate...he just needs suggestions.

Listening preferences: stringed instruments, jazz, female vocalists, some orchestra

Main listening room:
25x20 however room has 20 foot ceiling that opens to second floor

Main speakers: B&W 803D.

Amplification: Denon 3806 plus ?

7 channel amplification (or a 5 channel plus a 2 channel) or replacing the Denon 3806 with a more powerful receiver? Which route and what are some recommendations for components?

coincidentally, i've long been unhappy with the denon 3300 powering my naim arriva floorstanders in my br system. i just augmented the denon with a 150w/ch parasound amp (utilizing the pre outs on the denon) and the difference is night and day--bass and overall definition is much enhanced. now, even augmenting your uncle's denon with a power amp still won't sound as good for 2 channel as replacing the denon with a good seperate preamp, but there is an obvious utility on continuing to use the denon (ht, multiroom, video switching, etc.), so i'd certainly try adding the power amp first.
What amplification would someone suggest for the B&W blending with the Denon 3806...prioritizing 2 channel sound?
The denon should have enough power for the 803's. The less you strain the receiver, the better the remaining channels will function.

If you have whole house audio, buy a denon multi zone receiver to handle that duty. It works better anyway.
i respectfully disagree with elevick--most avr power ratings (nad and hk excepted) are grossly overstated smoke and mirrors--quality of powewr aside, the inboard amps in your denon just don't have the oomph. as stated, i've had good results mating my denon with a parasound amp. i'm also impressed with emotiva, which has vg specs and is a fantastic value.
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I sold Nautilus and they can have a nasty impedance dip so a decent 200 watt amp would be in order.Some think them a bit dry but others love the Class D sound and watts for bucks the Wyred amp is hard to beat.Runs cool and won't need second mortgage.The B&W are pretty easy to match with variety of amps IMHO it least compared with other speakers.I always like used Bryston.But in any case I kind of think those speaker outclass the very good Denon but if not going into mega bucks separates than a good amp couldn't hurt.
I would suggest the Parasound Halo A21 as a good lower budget solution. 250 watts per channel and sounds excellent. B&W speakers in general benefit from a good quality powerful amp.
Anthem Statement A5 or P5 amplifiers would be a good choice.
I currently own the 803D loudspeakers. I did not find that you necessarily need lots of Watts for the speakers to sound good. They need Amps (i.e. does the amplifier power double as the impedance halves) and quality (low noise, smoothness, transparency, extended bandwidth).

Typically AVR amps struggle to provide Amps due to the limited number of output devices and small transformer, and they also noisy because they share the same chassis with digital circuits.

I drove the 803D initially reasonably successfully with a pair of 60W Marantz SM17SA amplifiers in vertical bi-amp mode. Bi-amping - results in better clarity and more precise soundstaging.

But I currently use, and can highly recommend, a pair of Cambridge 840W amplifiers - again bi-amped. The 840W is absolute bargain for the their overall quality (very smooth, but detailed Class A sound quality due their XD cicuit) and heaps of power (200W per channel).
B&W 800-series are generally liked with McIntosh, Classe, Rowland amplification. I own 804S and McIntosh tube amp and love it, but it's clearly not your uncle's cup of tea.

With such good speakers I would go with McIntosh MC402 (SS, stereo amp) or MC501 (SS monoblocks), or similar Classe or Rowlands. I would never go with an integrated. If he wants an integrated, then maybe he's overspending on speakers.

Those speakers do deserve good and powerful amplification.