Denon 3805, muddy voices.

Anyone else experience somewhat untintelligable male dialogue with this reciever?... unintelle.... .. hmm. did i spell that right?


Not sure if it is the reciever, i WAS using this crap-ass kenwood HTIB center channel cause i havent had a chance to upgrade it yet. Sometimes the dialogue was somewhat hard to make out. So, i switched to a PHANTOM center mode and got the dialogue out of my Jm Lab Chorus 707s, and the problem is still somewhat there, but not as bad. I have a hard time believing the JM Labs are the cause.

Anybody else experience this?
Im only 28 and shudder to think my hearing is going downhill already. LOL
I had one and noticed the same thing with b+w matrix 805 as center channel.
I don't have a 3805 but my 3803 and many oher Denon's that I've heard seem to be a bit thin on male voices. I don't know that I would call it "muddy", though. I don't think it's your speakers. I noticed a huge improvement using the analog connections from the player as opposed to the digital connection.
I think your both high...I have the 3805 and it is excellent.
Just plain quality with very clean sound.
Well there! You are both high! Have you tried smoking something different?
I hate to admit it, but I've always had difficulty hearing dialogue with my Denon 3801...high or not.
I have been having the same problem with my Sony DA4ES on center channel dialog. Muddy, indistinct, unintelligible dialog. My Legacy Sig III mains are crystal clear, however.

I even bought a new center channel speaker and speaker cable, which has helped some. But this is a pretty good center channel speaker, and it should be crystal clear as well.

I do wonder now if it is a problem with the DD/DTS decoder in the receiver.
My Goertz Alpha Core MI-2 speaker cable has helped some, as well as the Oppo 970 DVD player I recently purchased.

But I now am afraid the biggest problem is my aging ears. It seems younger people are able to understand the center channel quite a bit better than my wife and I.
I had trouble hearing dialog through my KEF 100C center channel with my Sherwood-Newcastle P-965 pre-pro. It seemed the dialog was drowned out by the rest of the soundtrack. I solved the problem simply by manually increasing the center channel level after the pre-pro does its auto-setup. Doesn't cost anything to try it.
I had the same experience as Javachip .
I considered it just a part of the setup procedure !
Auto setups , for me , are just a starting point .