Denon 3803 + vs Rotel or B&K receivers

I am close to purchasing a new 3803 Receiver to control my home theater and replace my Adcom 545 based Stereo system.
I'm estimating usage at 40:60 (stereo:theatre) & room large 25x22x18.
Speakers are all Mirage, M-7si mains, OM-C2 center and OM-R2 surrounds.
Sources are Nakamichi MusicBank CD, Phillips Q-50 DVD (both with coax digital outputs).
Video is Satellite (& Cable) on the Sony XBR 40" HDTV.

I am considering getting the Denon now and possibly adding a multichannel amp later if needed. I also very much like the sound of the Rotel 1065 and B&K 307 receivers as well but they do not compare with the Denon for features, flexibility or processing power. Also, I have not heard any of these receivers with my speakers since they have been discontinued.
So I guess the questions are:
1) how does the new Denon 3803 with it's SuperSharks & BurrBrowns stack up with the other receivers on sound and
2) can the Denon as a preamp with a decent (~$800?) outboard amp best the B&K or Rotel and
3) do my speakers dictate one receiver over another.
Any experiences would be greatly appreciated.

How's the cable working? I have not been on audiogon in a while and saw your post. I still have not upgraded sub cables yet.

mhbs, I would keep your NAD. You can always run your fronts with it, no matter which receiver you buy. Dedicated amps seem to make a difference everytime I have done comparisons.
Has anyone tried the Rotel and B&W combination. I am thinking of buying B&W 600 S3 speakers and Rotel RSX 972 or 1055 receiver. Would love to hear from anyone who any thoghts on this.

If you go to rotel's website and look at their catalog. You'll see on the picture that they use b&K speakers and they co-wrote the guide for HT set up on their website.So I think these two companies work together in some ways.
Aeg 1:

I just had the opportunity last week to compare the 3803 to the B&K 507. Denon 5803 & Elite 49i.

I am completing a dedicated home theater and currently own a 3802. I was planning on leaving that unit in the family room and upgrading to a 5803 or B&K 507.

I went to a HT store and asked to audition the various units side by side compared with what I currently have. They used the 3803 since they no longer sell the 3802.

I was amazed at how well the 3803 stood up to the other units (3x)+ their price. The B&K offered the greatest sound quality increase, but we had to toggle back and forth several times for me to catch it. Without a reference, you would never know that the B&K sounded better. They both sound awesome & the price difference makes the 3803 a no brainer. Instead of spending money on a more expensive unit, I'm hanging on to my cash for some other HT toys.
Sounds impressive, what DVD material did you use for autidion and did you happen to compare the Denon 3803 to the B&K receiver using only 2 channel stereo music?