Denon 3803 No Detachable Power Cord Why?

I recently bought a 3803, to upgrade the cord I have to void my waranty, doesn't Denon want their equipment to perform it's best? I also purchaced a Denon 2200 DVD it has a detachable cord and it's half the price! Is it worth voiding my waranty to upgrade or should I just sell and buy an amp & pre/proc and be done with receivers?
A non-detachable cord avoids any contact resistance at the cord/chassis plug. IMHO it's a good thing. A detachable cord facilitates sale of the unit in various countries that have different configurations of wall outlet. (just ship a different cord).
I believe the Arcam AV receiver has a detachable power cord and is a nice piece for the money.
I own a Denon 3801, and it's a great unit. I've never had any problem
with it whatsoever. I believe you can rest easy knowing that a voided
warranty probably won't be an issue because you'll never need it.

Having said that, I share the minority viewpoint among Audiogon
members that an aftermarket cord will add minimal improvement in
sound quality; at least that's been my experience in my system. So,
leaving the stock cord alone and keeping your warranty intact would be
my first choice.
If you want power filtering with a fixed cord , you simply need a Power conditioner.

I bought my just a month ago, and it is a nice piece of equipment that I don't bother to have a detachble power cord. it is so quiet that make you wonder why need other power cord.

If you want a detachable cord unit look at the new denon 3805 it has a detachable cord and a lot of newer features compared to the 3803. I have been using the analysis plus Power Oval and the Oval 10 with excellent results. I should add I'm a dealer for both, so I have not tried other power cords with this unit.
I am very impressed with the new 3805 and use it frequently but I'm not sure this piece is of the calibre to be noticing any difference from a power cable.
All circa 02-03 Japanese gear had fixed pc's in the "mid fi" price ranges. Really, the only reason they went to detachables is because most of there "custom" dealers needed that option to make it easy to reset the processor in the event that it got "locked up". It has nothing to do with sound quality, believe me, nothing in this price catagory is manufactured with the ultimate in sound quality or even mild upgrading of it in mind...I have sold hundreds of 1k+ recievers that do have detachable power cords and know of no one that has even thought of upgrading the cord...On the other hand, I dont buy gear that doesnt have the ability to improve the power cord, but that is just probably a hi fi dectect in my brain...
Some of these nice manufactures have even gone to using a two prong "iec" to make it look upgradable-be careful with these slime balls...Hey and lets not mention actually making the bass managment WORK in dvd players with sacd and dvda....Sound quality is not what the American public seeks and not what the manufactures make and or push-there is no need, WE ARE THE 1%....that is the hard it or not...Especially from a country that we taught how to function as a world power...
How many watts is your denon???
If you answer this you prove my point.
If you dont, many more will, but no one will really get it right...Noboby reaaly know how many "watts" it is other that Denon and competitors that bought it,tested it and are too trying to rip you off...
Just for justification, I am not picking on you, I own a denon dvd player-a "good" one, with issues as well...Just accept that mid fi priced stuff is just that-mid fi....
I agree that a power conditioner, UPS, and so forth makes a custom power cord of no use if the stock power cord is attached properly and made from quality materials. That said, a custom power cord is usually a good thing for an amp. Even a little bit of noise can get amplified a lot when you have 3-mile Island powering your speakers. But, that's me. I like dark sound that gradually peels the paint of my walls.