Denon 3803 issue, no sound in sub? Help

I boutght a new sub last week and hooked it up to my Denon 3803 and I am getting no sound out of it, I then put the old one back in and the same thing no sound. I checked the cable and both subs seem fine so I think it is the receiver. The sub is turned on in the configuration and I am testing it by using the balance channel level screen I go to all the speakers and they all have sound except the sub. Any other idears or is the receiver dead?

Is there a way to factory reset this receiver?
Some rec.'s ave a reset button behind the volume knob. Just pull it off and take a look.

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Or try to unplug it over night for a reset
For factory default settings, remove the AC power cord from the wall, while holding the power on button and ? button (see owners manual for the correct button) reinstall the AC power cord, all the display will start blinking and again see the owners manual as all this is from memory from three years ago...
ok thanks will try tonight.
The following is from my AVR-4800 manual
Initialization Of The Microprocessor (see manual index for page).
1) Switch off the unit and remove the AC cord from the AVR-4800 rear panel. Wait for 15 seconds.
2) Press and hold the 6.1/7.1 SURROUND button and DIRECT button at the same time, plug in the AC cord.
3) Check that the entire display is flashing with an interval of about 1 second, and release your fingers from the 2 buttons and the microprocessor will be initialized.
If the microprocessor has been reset, all the button settings are reset to the factory default values (the values set upon shipment from the factory).
If step 3 doesn't work, start over from step 1.

BTW this happen to my father's 3803 with no sub output a few years ago and the 3803 procedure worked, no problems since.
Just have to reprogram everthing from scratch. (Write down your menu settings: speaker size and distance, radio stations, etc. for easier reprograming).
Hope this helps
found out it was my cable. Odd worked with my old sub not with new one. Thanks everyone.