Denon 3803 DAC's


I own this receiver that I also use as a Pre, my question is the following:

When using it in Pure Direct Mode with my CDP conected through RCA cables....which DAC's are being used ?, the ones on the CDP (Yamaha) or the Burr Browns on the receiver ?

WHen it is connected with RCA cables yer using the DACs in the player.

If you switch to COAX or TOSLINK then you will be using the burr browns in the denon.

i used to own one of these, and i believe that when using the pure direct it refrains from using any logic or processing, it also shuts down any unused circuits to help clean up the noise and help prevent interference.

If yer using the Analog out from the CDP, with PUREDIRECT ON, the only thing that 3803 should be doing is amplifying the signal to power the speakers. If you use an outboard amplifier then it should only pass along the signal to the amps. Everything else in the 3803 should be shutdown and powered off.

Actually, i dont even think you can use the DIGITAL inputs with pure direct. i could be wrong on that though.
If you are using the stereo {pair } of RCA outs on your CDP, then The CDP is doing the DA conversion. If you use a single digital RCA or optical cable from the CDP to The Denon , then The Denon will do the DA conversion. The Pure Direct Mode on The Denon means it is bypassing among other things your tone controls. Experiment, have fun, and choose what sounds best to your ears.
OK, lets see here you are using the L/R outputs on the CDP to L/R input on the RCV, the signal you are sending the denon has already converted. There for you are not using the DAC's in the denon, since it aready is an analog signal. If you what to use the DAC's in the denon hook the Digital out on the CDP (Coax or Toshlink)to digital in put on the denon, like you do for a DVD player. Then the digital signal is pass to the denon's DAc's for processing. Even though you in pure direct the dac's are still in use able/running. Do not forget to switch your setting for the mode (CD) to which digital input it should reconize.
Thanks guys for the replies,
I will buy a Coax soon as I currently have a Toslink for other applications and everyone says that the Coax is better than the Toslink.

And I use it only as a Pre/Processor because I power my speakers with and independent Power Amp.