Denon 3802 + 5ch.amp or Sunfire Ultmate Receiver

I just bought a Denon 3802, which I can still return.

I am thinking of adding the 400W X 5 channel Sunfire amp to it to drive all of my speakers.

OR the 200W X five Sunfire amp. My speakers are Essence Super gems which have been driven by my Jeff Rowland Model 5. I don't want to drop too much in sound quality thats why I was leaning towards the 400W amp.

My other option is just to go with the Sunfire Ultimate Receiver. It has better DACs 24-bit, 192mhz vs the denon 24-bit 94mhz. I have no idea if this would make a difference in sound quality. The Denon has 32 bit DSP, I'm not sure what the Sunfire has. The sunfire reciever is 200W X 5 channel.

I am on a tight budget and want to set up a HT with out downgrading the sound of my old Jeff Rowland Model 5, Terra Song preamp.

Thanks for any help on this subject.

get a Denon 4800 and you can keep your amps.
I have listen to both 3802 and 4800 and I found the 4800 is better, my present set-up is 4800 drive the EX channels and a sunfire 200Wx5 drive all other channels, the Denon 4800 sound good with the sunfire on 7ch stereo mode. If the 3802 does not sound good with your Jeff Rowland, maybe you should give the 4800 a try. Happy new year.
Thanks for your input. Its not that the rowland sounds bad, its just the other speakers don't sound as good. Sounds like your pretty happy with the denon.

Here's a stupid question. What's the advantage of using the digital inputs on the denon for cd and dvd vs using the rca inputs? If you have a low end dvd player (sony their 1st progressive scan model) would it sound better using the denons processors?

It has been 10 years since I was into HIFI.

I think the denon 4800 power amp section is better than the 3802, therefore I think the 4800 maybe a better match with the Jeff Rowland.
I think the first Sony progressive scan player is 9000ES which is a very good player, you can connect both digital and analog output to the Denon receiver and use the input mode button on the Denon remote control to find out which DAC sound better.
best regards
get the sunfire receiver, why would you want to use the denon as a preamp, especially when you can still return it? either that or go with used separates
Thanks for your input. I'm starting to lean towards separates, Classe or B&K. Have you heard either of them?

I myself have been looking for a receiver. Out of the finalists Denon 5803, B&K 507 and Sunfire Ultimate Receiver, I dropped the Denon from consideration. It seems from feedback I received from dealers is that the Denon sound is of lesser quality than the other two. I still have heard nothing about comparing the other two. Any help, anyone?
You do what you want to do but you should try the ultimate.This denon (3802)is in a different class.I did compare the big denon (5803) to the sunfire and the ultimate sounded better in both,stereo and multichanel also.The denon has more features and you have to decide what is your need.I do not think you gonna find this quality (ultimate)for this money.Do your self a favor.Try it .I did it and I did not regret it. I'm probably the happiest man in this forum periode.Do not make fun on my English,I'm still working on it.
Good Luck1