Denon 380 DCM CD Player

Has anyone used a Denon DCM 380 as a transport for a Bel Canto Dac 2 and if so what did you think? The rest of my system is a Adcom 5802 Amp a Gfp 750 Pre amp. and Salk HT3 Speakers. Pros and Cons please.
Just curious, you don't often see a 5-disc carosel player used in a 2-ch setup with an outboard DAC. What put it on your short list?

That said, as carosels in it's price range go, it's motor is quieter than many others, and it's a stoutly built unit, so hey, why not?
Generally speaking, whether you're able to maximize your DAC's performance is related to your transport quality. 5-disc carousels unfortunately, generally have worser quality than single disc transports. With that in mind, there are probably better transports out there for your DAC, but I think you will see a performance increase over the Denon. I say this without direct experience. I have not heard the DAC2 but have tried a different DAC with an older Denon and the Sony 555ES and heard an improvement.