Denon 301 II up and running.

I have been in the sorting out stage on my analog setup: original Black Widow tonearm, Technics SP-25 turntable and a pretty massive homemade plinth ( nice piece bought from a woodworker on Canuuck Audio Mart with the tonearm already set up ), Cardas Hexlink tonearm cable and Ray Samuels NightHawk. Been through a few NOS MM cartridges and one AT33EV. The Denon has been been running for three album sides and I can say it is a keeper. I love its sound with symphony, very large sound. If the recording allows my system will convey images very tall and wide and this cartridge does that. Very quiet so far also. Can't wait for it to open up.
We lost power for a couple of days but power went back on this afternoon and I listened to recods all afternoon and into the evening. I listened to a Vivaldi Erato recording of concerto's for four violins and it is uncanny how well defined and different all four lead violins sound from each other. They not only occupied different spaces but were clearly different instruments. I had a well tempered labs classic with a Benz M2 and it was elegant sounding but did not come close to how reveling this is at the same time the sound is full rich and the tempo and boogie factor is great. The well tempered had a problem in the pace and timing area. Right now could not be happier with the Denon, for the money it is a bargain.
I've had my 301mkII for over a year and I'm still impressed with it. I too had an AT33EV, sold it and kept the Denon. I really preferred the 301 over the 33EV on my Scout with a Jolida JD9 phono stage. The 33EV just sounded too laid back in my setup.
Regards, Sam
I have a Jolida JD9 too. What settings do you use for the 301 mkII?
With the Samuels Nighthawk I load the 310 at 100ohm, 50 too low and 500 it seems bright.
With the 301 mkII and the Jolida I have the gain set on #2(medium gain) and impedence is set on #1 (100 ohms). The capacitance switches are all in the off position.
Regards, Sam