Denon 2910 vs Denon 3910

I currently own a 2910 and am considering an upgrade to the 3910. Does anyone out there have any background on how much of an improvement I would see and hear?

I previously owned a Denon 2800 and actually preferred the audio performance on this player vs the 2910.

I am using a Rotel 1066 pre and 1095 amp and Proac Studio 200's for my mains.
The 3910 will have basically identical video and digital audio performance, the cost increase is for a better analog output stage and nicer chassis. The 3910 to me sounded very similar to the 2910 but with a bit more bass and drive. Both sound a little dark and recessed, and neither pulls a lot of detail on its own. A better idea is save up for a higher end universal or buy a standalone CDP. I am using a Bel Canto PL-2 and I also have a 2910, there is absolutely no comparison in the audio, though the 2910's video is equal or possibly better IMHO. I got my PL-2 from underwoodwally for a steal, might be worth a look.
I am now considering keeping my 2910 for video as it does have hdmi and 720p/1080i resolution. I see the PL-2 is highly rated. As for steal, I guess it's all relative. My budget will only allow for a dedicated CD player at around the $1k price point. For this amount wouldn't a new Rega Apollo, used Jupiter or perhaps an Arcam with ring DAC make more sense?
you could look at adding a dac to your 2910 for redbook , Musical Fidelity Tri-vista 21 would be nice ?
If you have another $1K, I would consider the Underwood/Parts Connexion mods to the 2910 and also use the $ you will save by not needing another set of quality i/cs.