Denon 2910 SACD questions

Hi, I'm struggling with a couple of issues related to my SACD player (other than the limited selection of SACDs!)

1) Unsure if i am getting stereo SACD sound if using the CD outputs from the 2910? Are the 5.1 outputs the only ones that output higher quality SACD audio in both multi channel AND stereo format?

2) A minor but nagging issue, I've been unable to figure out how to keep "HDMI 480p" indicator from flashing on the unit's display.

I have a fairly basic setup
Denon AVR 3805
Denon DVD/SACD 2910
Sonus Faber Concerto (no surround sound)
Turntable TBD

Appreciate any and all advice.

SACD will only be available if you use the analog outputs of the player. The 5.1 outputs are for multi channel sacd. The left and right analog RCA'a are for 2 Channel (which you have). I am not sure if your unit plays SACD thru the HDMI output. Some players like the Sony 5400ES will play SACD thru HDMI out. Read your owners manual, I would look it up for you but it would be better to do it yourself since it is your query. Good Luck!
In order to make the HDMI indicator stop flashing the player has to be connected to an HDMI input or switched to component out which can be done on the remote. I believe it is the mode button. The player will not output SACD over HDMI over the digital outs. The newer versions may have firewire which can pass SACD. Firewire is not on many new receivers though while some new DACS have it. SACD will play through the analog outs either multi or two channel.
Using the 5.1 outputs for 2 channel will work fine (just R&L). The set up button on the front of the unit is selectable from 2 channel sacd and multi sacd. You can switch on the fly but it will start the cd over again. Not a clue on the 480?