Denon 2910 HDMI output

I use a Denon 2910 dvd player connecting to my Mitsubishi Plasma via HDMI, and every second my screen would flick! But when I use the DVI output from the 2910 into the HDMI input on the plasma, the screen is fine.
Does anybody know why?
Sorry I can't help you, but I too, own the 2910 and get a gorgeous picture with my HDMI hook up. Avsforum, if you can't find the answer here, is the place to go. peace, warren
Make sure your 2910 have the latest firmware update.
Huan, what do you mean by the latest firmware update? Now, I'm conerned that I may be behind the eightball. Never thought to ask. I assumed the outfit that installed this whole baby was on top of it. It's been about 6 weeks since I had the whole deal done. thanks in advance. peace, warren
I have the same problem with my Denon 2910. It only happens when the connection is HDMI to HDMI. When changed to component no problems. They tell me it is the quality of the HDMI cable. I was using a locally made cable in Singapore. I have just ordered the HDMI cables from Better Cables and will see if the problem is resolved.

I also had a problem with the HDMI-HDMI connection from my Denon 2910 to Sony 55xs955. I called Crutchfield Tech support and am now using the #7 sony input rather than #8. This has helped so far. I wonder about a DVI-HDMI connection. Who makes this cable configuration. I currently use Monster 400 HDMI but just ordered Impulse Acoustics (audioholics promo) to try.

Any ideas as to how when SACD or DVD-A can be used with HMDI cables? How do you get the Denon firmware and what does it improve?


Here's the link to firmware upgrades. You can either download it, burn a CD and play in your deck, or have Denon mail you a Cd for free.

Finally, an answer to my question. How would I know if my 2910 is one that needs the firmware upgrades? Thanks Mike..
Warren, look at the date on the firmware upgrade and then look at the build date on the back of your 2910. That's how I figured I needed an upgrade. My build date was Oct 2004 and the latest firmware was Nov 2004.

HDMI is PCM only no support for DSD.