Denon 2900 With MODS

Their is alot of talk regarding Modified Denon 2900's,
I would like to hear the impressions of those that have a modified unit.
Please comments only on the Modified/Upgraded Denon 2900.
I understand that their is no improvement to the picture quality,The improvement is mainly in the analog audio output.What is the sonic performance on both Redbook cd's and Sacd as compared to a Factory stock unit.
Thank You in Advance!
Yeah, me too would like to know. The Underwood HiFi Mod is described in unusual detail, and most of it makes fairly good technical sense to this engineer.
I have one modded by John Tucker of exemplar audio and use it for both cd and sacd. I have owned some extremely good redbook digital front ends and this unit is on par or better, IMO and IMS.
I don't have much to compare the sacd performance with as I only had a scd-1 for a few months a few years ago with little software to go with it. But the sound here is exceptional as well.

For $2500 including the cost of the player this is one of the real values I have come across.
Most of the info. i read is from the folks who modify them,I would like some input from owners that actually have the mod done,These units are being compared to the sony SCD1 and players in the $5K + range!
No use, Mod can offer you better digital signaling, but the key is the transport system is not good.

Denon always offer you very good in high and mid but lacking soundstage and clarifications.
So, Lafish, you've had different mods done to the Denon 2900 and compared the sound directly to a stock unit?
Man, I would love to hear others' experiences with these mods myself. I'm aware of the Underwood and Exemplar mods (via Enjoy the Music for the Underwood and a posting or two re the Exemplar), but it would be great to get more input.
I have the Exemplar Moded Dennon. John has replaced the cheap output section with a custom build tube section. He also upgrades the wiring and RCA terminals. The sound is the best I have heard. The player I replace was a heavily moded (Audiocom) Philips SACD 1000. I have heard it compared to two other moded players in a shootout. That was the deciding fact. I also have had contact with someone who had the Lindeman, the Mietner & the Exemplar. He prefered the Exemplar to the Lindeman and only slightly prefered the Mietner/Philips set-up. The lastest issue of Stereophile also mentions the Exemplar.

I would love to hear HPs comments in comparing it to the Mietner. Remember the Mietner is 6X-7X more expensive, and uses the flawed Philips as a transport.

Good Luck.