DENON 2900 vs 2910

Just curious, there is about a $350 price drop from the 2900 to the 2910.

Is the 2910 supposed to be the next version of the 2900? Is this actually a better machine for 2/3's the cost? or is it a more "toned down" economical version?

Looking at buying one or the other, i can pick up a NEW Denon 2900 for $600 with full warranty, or a new 2910 for $650 w/warranty.

Has anyone done AB comparisons on these? Which seems to be the better machine?
dude it's $50 bucks just skip your next lap dance you were seriously considering getting.
, yeah, 50 bucks, im just curious if they are pushing a superior product at 350 less on the MSRP or if the thing is a bit stripped down and that is why it is cheaper.

I took a look at the tech sheets on them and all i see that the 2910 has is more distortion, more noise, and DVI/HMDI outputs and weighs 7 lbs less.
I think im gonna go with the 2900 and get that lapdance.
As I understand it the 3910 is the replacement for the 2900.
I know that seems unusual considering the numbering sequence, but it does explain the price and quality differences!
I kind of suspect that myself. It does seem like an odd numbering plan though, you would think the 2910 is the successor to the 2900, but where is the 3900? and what about a 5910?
Maybe they are trying to throw us off.
Yes, the 3910 is the replacement for the 2900. I had mine for a week and the unit is superb in both audio and video. My friend owns a 2900 and he thinks the 3910 is definitely better than his 2900.
2910 is the sucessor of 2200.
I would like to have been at the meeting where the marketing guys were deciding the product numbers. Could be an SNL skit.