Denon 2900 or Oppo 971

I am looking for the best picture to use with a
Sony XBR Tube TV which has component input only.
The TV does not support progressive signal..
After reading, it would seem that the 2900 was
better than the later 2910 or new 2930CI in terms
of speed and usability with seemingly the same
picture quality when using the component outputs
in non-progressive signal mode. A concern I have
read about with the oppo the audio becoming out of
sync with the video..??

So which is better given my specific needs? The
Oppo or the Denon 2900??
The Oppo is generally considered very high quality when using a digital connection such as DVI or HDMI. You will not be using either of these, so the Oppo might not be your best choice.

If this is just for watching movies, not to use as the audio source for CD/SACD or DVD-A playback, I would just get a very inexpensive DVD player to get you by until you get a higher definition TV.


I have experience with the Oppo 970 universal player, not the 971. The 971 has rated higher by some reviewers on picture quality, but these players look better with HDMI. I use component inputs on my older 50" RP HDTV. The professional tuner who came out tuned it and it was pretty close (compared to many) right out of the box. It is a great picture, but not as clear as if you use the HDMI. It is only $150 and I like SACD and DVD-A, so it works for me. They offer updates on the software for free. Denon makes great players. I have not compared them side-by-side. I reasoned that I couldn't lose spending $150 while the manufacturers sort out the HDMI and DVI issues, plus I route the SACD and DVD-A analog outputs through my processor and it is very good. I am sure there are much better dedicated multichannel players, but I am satisfied and only have a few multi-channel discs. You have a no-questions-asked 30 day money back guarantee if you don't like it. Have fun!
DVI has come and gone. (picture;only)HDMI (picture and sound) is now in; but for the new HD-DVD or BD the new HDMI 1.3 will put regular HDMI out to pasture.---I'm sure things will continue to change;expect it.
If Running component, the OPPO does not perform as well as the Top denons, with DVI it kills everything and easily matches denons top 5910 today.. I believe the 5910 is the top one still..
Thanks for all the help...

It looks like I will either buy a used Denon 2910
or an Onkyo SP1000. I am 99% sure I will go with
the Onkyo SP1000 if I can find one used in Black
because it is supposed to have the BEST REDBOOK
audio performance of all the DVD players out there
when setting a budget of $1000 used.
my oppo 970 sounds ok as i compare it to my $1100 cd/sacd
player: sa8260 with the g clef pc and golden eclipse 3
i use the mit avt1 in between the front output and the preamp
it has video functions so it is good at 150$
jmlab 926
I hooked up the Oppo 971 with the DVI - HDMI cable. Sound but I can't get any picture. Any ideas.