Denon 2900 Mods

I just bought a mint, used Denon 2900 with the idea of modifying it. Turns out, it is quite respectable, with the CD playback comparing favorably with my Arcam CD73. In any case, modding the unit will run about $1000 give or take. I would greatly appreciate it if someone with a modded unit could tell me the difference between the stock and the modded ones. I am currently using Spendor S5e speakers and a Music Hall Mambo integrated and I prefer a smooth sound, but not at the expense of detail. As an alternative, for about $1800, I could be into an Arcam DVD player, which is reputed to have excellent CD/DVD-A performance as well as first-rate video. Help is appreciated.
I too recently bought a used 2900. I also bought the service manual including schematic diagrams. I think my mods will be limited to replacing the low-to-medium-quality electrolytic output-coupling caps with bypassed Black Gates.

There've been lots of comments on the modded 2900s here; I'll be interested in comments posted.
Jeffreybehr...How did you go about getting the service manual?
I called Pacific Coast Parts, here

$25 plus (GASP!!!!) $9.50 shipping, for a CD!!!!!!!!!!

I'd try some other place next time.

The entire 'manual' is in PDF format, and that includes over a dozen schematics. I have a 24"-wide foto printer; that's how wide I printed the audio-board schematic (p. 115, BTW), and it's readable.