Denon 2900 mod. How does it sound?

I have owned a Denon 2900 and considered to mod but I do not know how it sounds after that. Does any audiophiles and/or music lovers have any suggestion who is the best to do the mods and how many level of modifying?
Run don't walk to get your unit to Exemplar Audio's John Tucker. I have never heard digital to approaches his complete modification. His price is $3500 including the Denon, but I do not know what the mods alone cost. At VSAC I did not think there was much difference among the many sacd mods demonstated, but recent experiences suggest this has changed dramatically. Your vinyl will be sorely challenged.
I second the excellence of the exemplar mods!
I Finally heard the Exemplar Mod on the Denon 2900 and i'am saving my pennys,A very trusted audiophile that i know just sold he's Esoteric DV-50 and a Wadia 861SE,Replacement:The Exemplar Denon 2900 with the analog tube output stage.

Can anyone share a picture of the modded unit? Are the tubes fitted inside the chassis? Thanks.
A picture would show you little. There are two half inch holes on the right side top toward the front and over the inboard tubes. On the back there are two new stereo RCA outputs. It is a shame he says nothing about the unit on the web page.
Thanks for sharing opinions about mod Denon 2900. I am very interested in searching Exemplar Mod Denon 2900 if someone would kindly email me their website or address with pictures. Thanks for help. Tel.425-334-4733 The website has no info. that i could find on the Denon mod.
John Tucker is the gentleman performing the modifications.
Latest stereophile makes mention of a future Exemplar Denon 2900 review.
Besides the info provided by Tbg the front panel bares an Exemplar audio Badge in place of the Denon Badge.
Given the high resolution of the Exemplar/Denon, you will have to work at isolating it, finding the best powercord, and the best interconnects. It is a pain in the ass, but what rewards.
I agree about the Exemplar/Denon. I compared it to my Philips SACD moded player- not even close! The detail and naturalness of the sound is amazing. Typically these are contrary to each other.

Has anyone had any experience with isolation devices. My best luck has come from using Nordost Titanium Pulse Points.
Really tightened and extended the bass, added a bit more transparency.

Anyone try the Neuance paltform with the Exemplar? I've heard good things.
Has anyone tried Dan Wright's (ModWright's) modifications to the 2900? I had originally looked to have him mod a Sony DVP-NS999ES for me (based upon all the glowing reviews of ModWright Sony's), but after talking with him, Dan believes that after similar modifications, the 2900 exceeds the 999ES, so that is the route that I intend on taking. I would be looking at the Signature Truth tube mod, with the MCH option.

Yes, I use the Neuance with the Exemplar/Denon. With one exception, I have found feet between the unit and the Neuance shelf hurt the sound. I recently tried a special isolation device from K-Works in NYC. It too hurt the sound under the Denon but did wonders under my H-Cat which is on a Neuance shelf.

Unless you have reached 200 plus hours on the Exemplar, it is not yet at its best.
Tbg: Does one need 200 hours on Redbook, 200 on SACD and so on - or just 200 hours, regardless of format? Thanks.
do the us 2900s have 110-240v / 50&60hz power supplies?
Can they easily be made region free? id like to replace my rp82 sdi unit with one as well as getting the awesome cd&sacd performance.
thanks in adv
Sorry, Jfz, I have been out-of-town. By now you know that it is time in any format
I would really like to hear from people who have had their 2900 modded by any of the various modding houses. On Audiogon I have heard of three (Underwood, Revelation, Exemplar) and I am sure there are more. This seems like it would be a good thread to hear from people on. Or, maybe people should write a review of their piece in the review section.