Denon 2800 DVD Player - Advice pls


Have had a trusty Denon 2800 only 8 months now and upgrade/tweak -itis setting in. Anyone know where I would get firmware upgrades?

Also given that it only has component out, is not a universal player, the noteable drop in players, what advice on the following options. I do about 40 / 60 Audio / Video split, using Martin Logan / Bryston audio:

a) player modification - recommendations on where?

b) Sell and upgrade - If so, what suggestions (budget not so much an issue) but the next class of DVD player up (without paying fortune)

c) Wait and See - what new players, expected or recently announcec?

Many thanks!
Sell or trade.There are several new options in the market place depending on your budget.The trend seems to be thin is in and bulk is out in the mid-fi arena.Tip! should be able to get between $175 to $250 for your unit if it has complete OBM and remote depending upon condition.Good luck and research well!