denon 160, AT 150, orton 540 mk2 or Grado Sonata?

How would you describe the characteristics of each? Just as I decide on one, something pops up. The Denon is difficult to mount, the Grado hums etc. Does any of these jump out as the clear cut sonic winner and tracker?
The MC gain on my Outlaw receiver is such, as measured by Froemmer," The gain in MM mode, measured at the preamp output with the volume control at its maximum, was higher than usual at 50db; the MC mode added another 15db" Audiophiles, at the moment, I'm a little paralyzed by choices here for my VPI 19 jr, AQ 6 tonearm!
Thanks, again for your input.
The DL-160 has a very big (some would say larger than life) and dramatic sound. Clear, fast, dynamic and with a very wide soundstage.

The AT150 is a nice, clean MM but the top end can be a bit too bright for some and the low end a bit lean.

The 540 is a nice, warm and detailed.

The Grado Sonata is very full-bodied and lush compared with the others.
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You might want to add the Benz MC Gold and Ace, and the Clearaudio Aurum Beta S to your list.

08-20-07: Viridian
...the AT150 is the best tracker with the 540 behind it. The Denon is a good tracker and the Sonata is somewhat arm dependent. With that MC phono stage, why not use a low output MC? The Denon 103, if your arm has high effective mass, and the Benz MC20L if it does not.
Here's another thought: Since we're talking about LOMCs and the excellent tracking of the AT150, why not combine the two for the Audio Technica OC9? It has the MicroLine stylus and build quality of similar to the AT150, but is an LOMC priced about the same as the AT150 and between the price of the Denon DL-103 and the 103R. It's also more compliant thatn the 103 series.
One can only discribe components in relation to another. I changed from a Grado Sonata low output to a Benz Ebony High Output. The change revealed that the Grado was grainy, deep tan in character, and not well extended in either direction. I must confess that before the change I was quite happy with it - it sounded very musical to me...I am a violinist.