Denon 110 on Rega P5: nice

Been breaking in my Denon 110 HOMC on my Rega P5, very nice!! Excellent detail and dynamics, yet musical. I'm impressed for the $$. Anybody else use this combo?
What types of music are you mostly listening to? What other cartridges have you tried? I ask just for curiosity, I'm not implying any criticism or disagreement. I have an Exact 2 on my P5.
To continue with some questions.......besides what Learsfool has asked, are you using a spacer under the tonearm base ? What's in the rest of your system ? I've been thinking of the Dynavector 10x5 and the Benz ACE S H as MC possibilities for the P5, and have also thought about the Exact 2 and Ortofon 2M Bronze as MM choices.
Hi, I'm using the P5 through a vintage Harman Kardon Citation 1 tube preamp and a Citation 2 power amp, with B&W 601 s3 speakers. No spacer on the tonearm.
I have a Denon DL160 on a Rega P9 while I wait on my step up transformer. It sounnds very good, but is definately below the Shelter 901 that I was using my my other phono stage. Just all around less natural sounding (although very good). Oen thing that the Denon does do very well is play quietly on noisey albums.

Enjoy the Cart but a better one will really make a difference. Have you considered a Zu Denon Dl103? Zu has been running really good specials all month long on ebay.
>>Have you considered a Zu Denon Dl103?<<

That cartridge weighs 14 grams and given its' very low compliance is a terrible recommendation.