Denon 103S is a real good cartridge

I've been using an EMT TSD15 and I'm in the process of replacing it so I bought a 103S and it's very satisfying. Remarkably so. I'm now questioning if spending big money on cartridges is really that necessary? Of course I'm not listening side by side :)
The world is replete with excellent cartridges that don't cost a fortune. The answer to your question is self-evident: No. But, on the other hand, expensive cartridges don't necessarily sound bad, either.
not evrybody likes the TSD 15 but what TT were you using it on?
and also how did you load it? It is very picky in regards of the loading....
I loved the EMT but my system needs have changed so I'm going with a Lyra Delos. I was using it on a Well Tempered Simplex with a Herron VTPH-1 loaded at whatever was recommended. Can't remember.
Are you referring to the DL 103SA that is out of production? The 100th Anniversary DL A-100 is still available and appears to be very similar to the 103SA, including a nude square stylus. It's also about $162 cheaper.
Denon, Shure and Audio Technica make amazing cartridges that do not break the bank. I can't tell you how many ultra expensive cartridges I have heard that under-perform on a cost basis. I use the AT MM ones and they sound amazing.