Denon 103S

Recently I bought a Project turntable with carbon fiber arm.( Just starting to get back to antilog).It came with a Ortofon Red cartridge ($99.00).The highs were great but it only had fair mid range and zero bass so I had my old Denon 103S from the 88's installed and saw a great improvment in the mid range,and super low & mid bass.Highs were not quite as good but I remembered from the old days how great this cartridge sounded however the cantilever was weak causing the cartridge to slightly touch the record with the plastic wear bars.I am thinking on having a new cantilever installed with an eliptical diamond by sure how much that will cost).I wonder what a new Denon 103 would sound like ($ Can get these for $189 from a local dealer)but I have never heard one.Can anyone out these give me an idea what the sound comparison would be between the two? I love the great lower bass on the 103S.Would the 103 be as good??
Cart from the 80's - cantilever suspension may be drying out causing stiffness and excess harshness. It would be the suspension not the cantilever that would be sagging. I had at least 4 103's come through my system and one is playing now. The body tends to ride close to the groves when set up right - but you may need to experiment with vta if highs are edgy. If your system changed since you've listened to the 103 , well...they tend to be extended but tizzy on the top end - wood body helps with this and potting even more. On your carbon fiber arm - the 103s maybe a better match because of the higher compliance -the 103 is very low requiring a heavy tonearm. But soundsmith , if you call and ask I'm sure will recommend what's best...