Denon 103r with no serial number?

I have the opportunity to purchase a Denon 103r for a very good price but the catch is that it doesn't have a serial number on the top of the cartridge. why would this be, is it a grey market item or possible a factory second?

Any thought?
Does it have an aftermarket body, like a wooden or aluminum
one? These probably wouldn't have the serial number on the

If it has an OEM factory body, the serial number should be
on the top.

Why don't you ask the seller?
It has an original body on it still.
Why would anyone counterfeit a cart that's as inexpensive as a DL103r?
If it is a counterfeit than someone is still making a sizable profit.
Trumble for what it's worth, I too purchased the Denon 103r from New Audio United as a temporary replacement while my Dynavector 20x2L is getting repaired by Soundsmith.

I called the company and they assured me that the cartridge is real and they get their cartridges from dealers in Japan, because they are not an authorized dealer. Obviously they can say anything they want until proven otherwise but I insisted they email me a reason why the top of the cartridge doesn't have a serial number sticker on it.

Even so, I have played about eight albums thus far using the cartridge, and if this is a so-called "fake" cartridge then it's a DARN GOOD fake, because the sound coming from the cartridge is really good so far and I haven't even come close to breaking it in, and I have listened to many Denon 103's and 103r's over the years.

I will however, keep you informed if I hear anything else on this matter, but so far so good.
I pulled the trigger on buying the 103r it was from New audio united as well. I am impressed with it to the point that even if it was fake it's the best $250 i have ever spent on a cartridge. I also to measurements on impedence and Voltage out put, and they where 16ohm and 2.5mv on both channels.
Trumble, I'm glad you like it too. I wouldn't be surprised if these are retipped versions and that's why they may have taken the serial sticker off of it. There is no way that this is a fake cartridge just by the sound of it. And as you said, even so, you can't beat the price. Congrats on your purchase.