Denon 103R on a MMF-7

I bought an MMF-7 with the goldring eroica cart from this site. Really simple set up. Not sure I like the cart - ear ringing has grown tremendously since I started listening to this TT.

So, I read up on bang-for-buck carts here. Decided on the Denon 103R and bought one from audio cubes. (Man that was fast from Japan - a week and it was here - at a shipping cost of $7!).

Dismounted the goldring, and found that:
- The male connections on the 103R are way too small for the female tonearem connections
- The bolts don't fit throught the pickup hanger atop the tonearm.
- I had to remount the Goldring

Amp - Conrad Johnson 2250
Pre-Amp - Musical Fidelity 3.2cr

Anyway, please offer suggestions/thoughts/brilliance on how to/should I modify the setup to accomodate the 103R or not. BTW - Vinyl Engine doesn't seem to be in business anymore and I can't read if anyone knows of another location for the 103R english manual I'd appreciate it.
I'm wondering if the 103R is a good fit for the Project at all, but I never tried it when I had an MMF 7. I would think a more compliant cartidge would be a better choice.

" - The male connections on the 103R are way too small for the female tonearem connections "

Have you tried, very carefully, to squeeze the female connectors closed a bit more for a tighter fit? Be very careful with the wires on the Project arm, they are very fragile. Just use your fingers to try and squeeze the connectors closed a bit.

" - The bolts don't fit throught the pickup hanger atop the tonearm. "

Are they too short or too fat?
I just remembered this, use a toothpick in the end of the clips as you gently squeeze them and that should prevent the possibility of collapsing them.
Gently squeeze the female connectors of the tonearm cables with needle-nose pliers to create a tighter fit with the cartridge pins. You can also follow Dan ed's method.

Buy longer mounting screws from a dealer to mount the cart to the arm.

You'll also need a phono preamp or step up device. The Denon 103R is a low output MC cart that needs about 60dB gain. I would guess the phono section in the MF preamp doesn't provide sufficient gain.
Dan_ed - Great advice. Mounting screws are too fat. I was afraid to squeeze them as they are so fragile, and the toothpick/similiar device is a great idea.

Scottz - thanks for the advice. The phone section in the MF is supposed to handle MC cart, and I will check on the gain.
Should be a fun experiment if you can get the thing mounted! I never had enough faith in the Project bearings and dampening to try this, but what have you got to lose? You might try posting over on AudioAsylum if you haven't already. Someone may pip up who has just what you need. I do seem to remember that the Denon has a set of mounting bolts and knurled nuts (that sounds painful!) that are designed to tighten just so much. So keep that in mind if you find a generic set of nuts and bolts that get your 103R mounted. Don't forget to use the nylon washer for dampening, and only tighten just enough to hold the cartridge in place. No tools here if you can, or maybe just your finger as pliers and a small screw driver. The point is you want to finese this if you have to fasteners from the local hardware store. Even with the supplied hardware you will want to experiment with how tight you fasten the cartridge.

Just another few tips I pulled out me arse if you are successful at gettin it mounted. Try a record you're very familiar with first. If you hear any unusual buzzing or other signs of resonance overload, stop before you lose a lp and recheck everything. (I'm paranoid about resonance match with this arm and cart. I wish I could remember the effective weight of the Project 9!) Don't worry much about VTA with the 103R, it really doesn't care. VTA adjusting is a PITA with the Project. Just try to get the top line of the cartridge level with the lp surface. BTW, you can use the deck of cards trick to adjust VTA slightly from the starting point of level. The 103R does like a pretty hefty VTF so start at the top end of the recommended range. Once you get a hundred hours or so on it you can try backing off on the VTF. That makes the biggest difference on the 103R.

Most of all, have fun! It is a great cartridge and the MFF 7 has many fine points in its favour.
I forgot to thank you for the tip on buying through audio cubes. My 103R has issues (I did buy it used) so I'll be looking for a new one soon.
I recently put a Denon DL-110 on my MMF-5. I had to take a small rat tail file to the finger lift to open the holes a hair to get the Denon bolt to fit. I also carefully made the female connectors on the tonearm slightly smaller using a pair of needle nose. I like the tooth-pick anti collapse idea. The Denon DL-110 is a high output MC, and I like it quite a bit, in to a Musical Fidelity X-150 MM preamp slot.
Hi - I just bought a new DL-103R and have installed it on my MMF-7. It is certainly a 'manly' cartridge. It has about 5 hours on it now and it sounds great but I've noticed that it sounds 'scratchy' on some lp's under certain situations. I tried it initially on some Rickie Lee Jones (self-titled and Pirates) and didn't notice the same noise. I presume I've not got the cart quite setup quite right. I'm using 2.48g as the tracking force. I also have the TT connected to a HagTech Piccolo and don't think the noise is being produced anywhere in the route. If anyone can point me in the right setup direction, that would be great.

I hope it works out for you. I've read that the Denon carts don't always mate that well with newer tables and tonearms. I tried a standard DL-103 on my Clearaudio Emotion table with Satisfy tonearm and it sounded horrible. The phono pre was a Cambridge Audio 640p, which may have also been a bad match, since the loading was hardwired at 100 ohms.
Not sure about the Satisfy tonearm with the 103R as it likes lots of mass but the Cambridge 640P is just not enough phono stage for the cartridge if it is combined with the right arm and lacks enough gain. You will need 60-62 db of gain.

Jeepman: You will find that the 103R is a bit "steely" for the first 15 hours or so, after which it will smooth out considerably and almost instantly and then get slightly better through about the 50 hour mark by which time you should be fully broken in.

I would recommend taking the VTF up to around 2.625 or 2.65 and then maybe back off after the 15 hour mark but only to around 2.6 which I feel is the best tracking force after a lot of experimentation. Less than 2.6 IMO results in the cartridge becoming a bit grainy and edgy; above that and things start to thicken up and get a bit muddy.