Denon 103R load settings w/Moon LP5.3

I am looking for load settings on my phone stage, Moon LP5.3, with my Denon 103r cart.

Was wondering if you had advice on resistance and capacitance settings. I've included the supported MC options I have on the phonostage:

Resistance: 10,100,470,1k,47k
Cap: 0,100,470

Resistance: 100 ohms (you could also try 470-if you prefer that go with it.)
Capacitance: should be unimportant. I'd set it to 0

Gain: 60 dB
I appreciate the response.

A couple of follow up questions:

- I’m using balanced XLR out that add 6 dB gain. Do you recommend the 54dB setting getting me to effective 60 dB? Or the 60 dB setting getting me to 66?

- In general, what are the trade offs between 100 and 470 ohm? Which should have higher resolution? Noise floor?

thanks again
The closer you can get to 60 dB in my opinion the better you will be, so I would definitely try the 54dB setting with the balanced outs if that achieves a total of 60 dB from the phono stage. I used modifed 103R's for about 6-7 years and, in my system, 66 dB would have been too much gain. 

I would expect that the difference between 100 and 470 might be subtle with the 470 maybe exhibiting a bit more treble/high frequency energy. Again, try both and see what you prefer. 
The 470 is a very good load but 600 ohms is preferred in my system.