Denon 103 R low compliance with RB 300

Need some help. I was told the cartridge Denon 103 or 103 R has a compliance too low (5) to go with the medium mass RB 300. Could a heavier counterweight (Kerry F2 Ti) solve that? Or I could choose the higher compliance(12)Denon 103D. Is it still available and where? Anybody knows?
The 103R will work with an RB300, but the effective mass of the arm is a bit lower than would be best for the 103R. None of the heavy counterweights will solve this problem. The DL103D is discontinued, and you probably will not easily find one of those.

The way that alot of Audiogoners have overcome this problem, is with the DIY HiFi tonearm mod. It matches the Rega and OL arms to the low compliance cartridges quite well, is cheap, and easy to make and install.
I used a 103r with a 300 for a while and had no problems at all. Of course, the HiFi Mod is a must.
I had a Denon DL103R on my RB600 and it was just fine without any extra headshell weight. I never tried any kind of experiment to see if it would be better with some extra mass, but if it ain't broke.... well, you know.

I did find a brand new NOS Denon DL 103D about 3 months ago from a seller in Hong Kong for $329 on Ebay. It's a great cartridge and I've never regreted selling the R when I got the D. But that said, the 103R was also a great cartridge, I just find the 103D sweeter overall.

The 103R is stiff enough to make music directly from the record groove -- with the amp off. It's not noticable except up close with the amp off, but it's there.

Good Luck
Paul Green
The 103D was a better match for the stock RB600.

The Rega arms need some additional mass for the low compliance of the 103 or 103R. The HiFi mod is what is needed to make them work better with the low compliance Denons.

PS - A headshell weight is not what is needed.

Good that some went through this problem before. But I have a feeling that you're out there waiting for the next question : what is DIY HiFi Mod? Never heard of that. Do you have a site with information to suggest? Thank you.
Body5, here is the link to the thread.

(Tried to make it a "clickable link" but, apparently the markup tags are not working right now)

It is a long thread, but all the info on how to make it and install it is contained therein.
This is an invention of mine, based on some previously known facts about effective mass and cartridge matching.
I used to sell these things, but it got to the point where it was just too time consuming for the small amount of money involved.
You can DIY it for a dollar or two, and it will be a nice complement to your Rega or OL Silver arm when you use low compliance to mid-compliance cartridges. Do not use it with high compliance cartridges, or mismatch could occur.