Dennon DL160 cartridge output w/Plinius 9200 PS

Is the Dennon DL160 cartridge 1.6mv output to low to work with the phono stage of my Plinius 9200. I just purchased a Rega P2 w/ the 251 arm. The Dennon price is very appealing compared to the Dynvector 10x5 i was considering. Also, what size spacer from Rega if any is needed for the Dennon cartidge. Thanks for your help and suggestions.

I have previously used and enjoyed the DL160 on a few different MM phono inputs without any issues, though not with the Plinius specifically. There are some reports that the DL160's actual output may be higher than the published specifications.
According to the Plinius website, the 9200 has both a low gain of 60db and a high gain of 66db settings. You should be fine with either one. Try the low gain first, if not enough, switch to the high gain setting.
I have a Rega P2/RB250 with DL160 and I'm using a 2mm spacer for VTA adjustment. Even without the spacer the arm rides pretty close to parallel, but just to be sure I installed the 2mm spacer and it's dead on parallel to the record.

I use an ourboard Phono-pre with fain set to 44dB and it works well.

Hope this helps