DENAFRIPS Terminator and Schiit Yggdrasil Evaluation and Comparison

The Evaluation and Comparison of my Denafrips Terminator and Schiit Yggdrasil DACs is posted in full, here:

Main body of my 'review' is copied and posted below.

For details on my Methodology, System and Room Information, and Music Selection please go to the second section (similarly titled) after opening the link.
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Hello everyone

Thank you all for this collective review on the Terminator; it couldn't have come at at better time.  I'm looking for the "It" Dac and have had a chance to audition the Canary KD 2000, the Nadac multi 8, and now have the Lampizator GG in my possession for he next two weeks.  Initial impressions on Lampi is simply wow, perhaps akin to the response the the Terminator is eliciting from this crowd.  I'd love for someone who's had first hand experience with these units to weigh in.  The Lampi does what the Canary does, only better like how Lebron James playsvbasketball compared to the rest of us.  From my limited experience (newbie here) the Lampi offers very broad staging, with very fluid and layering of music, and great details without sounding harsh or thin/"digital?"  All I can say is I sat listening with a big grin on my face, feeling really connected to the music.  It just felt good and I didn't have that experience with the Nadac.  
"I don’t doubt the Denafrips sounds fantastic. However technically I have a bit of trouble with the outlandish claim of 26 bits resolution. I smell a rat that may have been released by the Denafrips marketing department. (Not unlike Yggdrasil which have dubious technical claims also - usual audiophile marketing hyperbole as some would regard this)

26 bit capability requires precision of 1 in 67 million. This resolution requires a tolerance of 0.0000015% on the resistors.

The designers claim they actually use 0.005% tolerance resistors which is technically between 14 and 15 bits resolution...."

@shadorne would you say for sub $3,000 the Yggy is the only DAC with the highest specs in =>21 bit depth that is technical backing or is there other candidates at that price level who can prove there resolution?
@redphu72 wow congratulations hope you have an interstellar experience with that DAC for many years. I'm sure it sounds sublime. Is it true that it retails for $20,645 USD?  

What speakers are you using?

The Yggdrasil has dubious claims also but that like the denafrips it doesnt mean that they won’t still sound good. Personally I don’t trust or like BS claims however any resolution above 20 bits is unlikely to be noticeable on most music. 

My issue with dubious claims is that it creates doubt about other engineering aspects of the device. Presumably, if they are willing to BS about some aspects then what else might be fudged?
Ok interesting, I suppose what Schitt was coming to was they were using a proprietary closed form solution that was manufactured using nonconventional parts that was possessing enough tolerance to form a design that would actually hold up to such claims of resolution (as seen on their site). No doubt the Terminator sounds great in its own unique way. It's just nice to see a company backing their claims. I suppose though as you've mentioned even Schitt cannot hold 100% ground on every detail of claims.