Denafrips Price Increase

Starting Dec13  a sizeable price increase, Denafrips how much ?

holo springs went up $500: on the new  Holo springs May dac and  other models they may go up again after the new year , just a heads up I got notice in my email.


Unfortunately it is all a scam to make up for the loss during Covid shutdown.

Major companies are being fined and many companies are under government scrutiny and ready to explode. ELAC for example is offering a 25% off for most products that they raised the price price 2+ months ago. You still end up purchasing at same or more than before!  China stopped manufacturing over a year ago, So there is no reason for this. Even carriers are taking advantage of this and is all a scam. The key to solving all of this is not to buy anything and then everything will drop in price unless a priority to maintaining life.

I have 40 years of China export business and all of this a ploy to make an additional profit. I had visited China several times a year. My suppliers only shut down for 3 to 6 months a year and half ago. They are all electronic manufacturers.

So there is no excuse except to make up for those couple of months of loss revenue! Most suppliers are using this as an excuse to benefit for Covid and make additional dollars to improve margins!

Not many u.s made dacs That  are superior to the Denafrips Terminator-2  with  their Gaia, or Hermes DDC over clocker thee reclocker  work well with other brands also I sold my current U.S made dac and it was not even that close and the U.S made dac -Streamer was $6500 the Term-2 with Hermes reclocker was only $5700

how many US companies can you get dual oven clocks in both dac and overclocker  for this price loaded with name brand parts ? That’s why I bought it 

High Quality and Value.

Mwasilow, and? Lots of businesses raise prices for a myriad of reasons. In a free market you can raise prices or lower prices for any reason whatsoever or no reason at all. A reasonably free market has a way of sorting through it all. Buy or dont buy, those are the choices.