Denafrips Price Increase

Starting Dec13  a sizeable price increase, Denafrips how much ?

holo springs went up $500: on the new  Holo springs May dac and  other models they may go up again after the new year , just a heads up I got notice in my email.


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Mwasilow, and? Lots of businesses raise prices for a myriad of reasons. In a free market you can raise prices or lower prices for any reason whatsoever or no reason at all. A reasonably free market has a way of sorting through it all. Buy or dont buy, those are the choices.

Inflation is not Biden’s nor Trump’s fault, its a covid/supply/demand/low cost of borrowing problem. We will work through it as always. If you own real estate, youve probably done well the past year plus.if you dont own real estate….then Im sorry.

Who knew that inflationary pressures, supply chain disruptions and rising wages  which have resulted in upward retail pricing pressure were caused by ending a far from unanimously supported police action in a land far, far away?