Denafrips Iris DDC won't work with Mac Book Air running Audirvana

I have just received Denafrips Iris DDC and was intending to use it between my Mac Book Air running Audirvana and my Lampizator 7 DAC. Was using Schiit DDC between the computer and DAC before, also running Audirvana and everything was working fine. Anybody had the same issue? advice how to fix? 


Contact Alvin Chee, the head of worldwide distribution for Denafrips. He is excellent at helping customers solve problems.

Use the contact email on the vinshineaudio website.
thanks Alvin. I went through your setup. also Audirvana help suggested to try with no upsampling. your setup also did not use any oversampling. tried that and it worked. wonder why though?
Hi Milan,

Most welcome. It depends very much on the DAC you're using with the Iris DDC. 

If the DAC doesn't support the higher sampling rate, the signal will not be able to lock/decode.

Hope this helps!

Alvin Chee
Would love to hear a report of sound quality (and comparisons to your Shiit DDC) once you've got the kinks worked out... Thanks!