Denafrips FPGA Firmware Update

In case there are any Denafrips DAC owners out there that are not aware of the FPGA Firmware Update, here's the link:

I did the update on my Ares II earlier today and am currently enjoying the results.  It is definitely an improvement without question.


I recently had the pleasure of updating my TPlus II DAC with the new firmware from Vinshine Audio, and I have to say, I am absolutely blown away by the results.


First of all, the update process itself was a breeze. It only took me about 10-15 minutes to complete, and I didn't encounter any issues or complications along the way. The instructions provided by Vinshine Audio were clear and easy to follow, and I appreciated that they made the process as user-friendly as possible.


But the real magic happened once the update was complete. As soon as I started listening to music through my newly updated TPlus II, I could tell that something was different - and in the best possible way. The soundstage was wider and more spacious, and I could hear details in the music that I hadn't noticed before. The bass was deeper and more impactful, and the overall sound was smoother and more refined.


I found myself listening to music for hours on end, just reveling in the newfound clarity and richness of the sound. It's like I'm hearing my favorite songs for the first time all over again.


I should also mention that I was lucky enough to be part of a limited beta tester group for the TPlus II firmware update. While the general public release is scheduled for May, I was able to get my hands on it early and see the benefits for myself.


In short, if you're a TPlus II owner, I would highly recommend keeping an eye out for the upcoming firmware update. It's a game-changer, and it's sure to take your listening experience to new heights. Thank you, Alvin, for providing such an incredible product and for allowing me to be part of the beta testing process.


Overall, I couldn't be happier with the results of the TPlus II firmware update. @alvin1118 ​​​​​​ and his team at Vinshine Audio have truly outdone themselves with this one, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to take their listening experience to the next level. The update process is easy, the results are astounding, and the customer service from Vinshine Audio is top-notch. Thank you, Alvin, for creating such an amazing product and making the update process so seamless. I am a very satisfied customer indeed!

Thanks! Good to know. I also have TPlus, just submitted the photo of the chip. Too bad I have to wait till May to do the update... :)

The results of the FPGA update were positive, and if directions are followed fairly easy to do.  After sending in the required photo of the chip and filling out the form I received my download link from Vinshine Audio within 24 hours; their support and communication has been amazing.  The following are a few noteworthy points that I experienced:

- The flashing process took longer than the "up to 5 minutes" estimate that was mentioned in the instructions.  It actually took 7 minutes and the last couple of minutes gave me a couple of gray hairs!

- I experienced a small amount of micro-skipping when streaming via toslink from a Wiim Pro.  This problem has since disappeared but will keep an ear to this to see if the problem returns.  Vinshine did mention that the FPGA may need to burn in so maybe this was part of the burn in process.  I did not experience any micro-skipping with my Jolida CD player via digital coaxial. 

- The upgrade without question improved my listening experience; larger soundstage, better instrument separation, improved bass definition, and micro details became clearer.  I read on other forums that some people experienced brightness.  It is my opinion that the upper end became smoother in my system.  The sound improvement gave me a taste of audio nirvana and now makes me wonder what I may be missing from the upper echelon dacs from Denafrips.

Just wanted to add my experience to this thread. I purchased the Ares II in Septemeber of 2022. I had a very good experience running my streamer through it, but when I tried to run my cd player I noticed a fair amount of chirping/skipping. Just a few days ago I performed the firmware update and so far all skipping is gone and the DAC has never sounded better. The folk at Vinshine were enormously helpful throughout the entire process. 


I have the Enyo and did the firmware update and WOW what a difference for the better!

After the update was done I played some music and was extremely disappointed. The next morning I woke up and turned on the amp and music started playing right away. I had forgotten to turn off the streamer the night before, and the Enyo I usually just leave it on. 

Anyways, I turned up the volume and was flabbergasted. I listened for a short time and all I could think of was wow things were sounding extremely good. I guess there is a short burn in period. 

Well, its been a few days now and I am pleased. Prior to the update I preferred listening with the OS mode engaged and with fast roll off. Today however I like the DAC in NOS mode. The soundstage is immersive, robust, has better clarity and depth. Imaging is cleaner, and defined. Still retaining its warm mid sound that I like about this DAC. I’m hearing more of the bass with better articulation and more punch in the mid bass. 

I still like OS mode with fast roll off and look forward to trying it with slow roll off.

This update is fantastic. I find my head bopping to the music constantly now. I don’t know how they did this but kudos to all those involved in this project.