Denafrips Ares Price Jump

I've been looking at the Denafrips Ares for a few months. I noticed about a week ago that the price jumped about $250. Wondering if this is a new updated V2 model or just import economics.  Thanks
It’s now the Ares II, I have one, and even for a little more $$, its still a steal of a bang for the buck value. 

  • Digital Signal Processing via FPGA instead of CPLD

  • DSD1024, PCM1536 Supports On USB Input

  • Proprietary USB Audio Solution via STM32F446 Advanced AMR Based MCU

  • Licensed Thesycon USB Driver For Windows Platform

  • Driver-less On Mac & Linux

  • Sampling Mode: NOS / OS

  • Filter Selection: Slow / Sharp

Also price shows in Singapore dollars, so depending on the rate that should be around $759 which is not a 250 increase as you stated... it’s ~$100 more
Thanks. How is it different than version 1 ? I notice the case in the ad doesn’t say v2
Have two Denafrips DACs, both have no competition at their price points.
can't go wrong with them.
Has anyone compared the Denfrips with any of the Chord DACs? Namely the Hugo TT2?