Denafrips Ares II vs MHDT Orchid

What differences will I notice between these two? 

I've narrowed down my search between these two. 

Denafrips Ares II ($1k shipped) 

MHDT Orchid ($1340 shipped)

Pulling the trigger on one of these today. Hoping to get a nudge in either direction as it's currently a toss up 
I think you can get the Denefrips for just a hair over $800 new.
If the Denafrips is roughly $800 shipped I cannot find it. There are only a few sites that list it and all roughly 1100 shipped (to US) aside from 1 source.

Looks like Amazon had a seller from China that was verified when I clicked on "view all buying options."

Amazon is the easiest retailer to purchase from due to the return policy. Done deal. Lets see if the Denafrips fits the bill. 

I'll update the thread if anyone is about a month. 
There is only one authorized seller for the Denafrips Ares II and that is Vinshine Audio. The Ares II is available from them for 1100 Singapore dollars, which is about $800 USD, shipped. Easy, peasy.
to me the orchid is superior, more musical overall

the ares 2 had a persistent sibilance problem, despite trying different connections and settings

the orchid does not present detail in as forward a manner, but it has a more analog quality to its sound, which is richer, smoother, more full -- btw the orchid allows tube rolling, and using tube adapters, a very wide range of tubes can be used in the buffer section, to further shape the sound to be sweeter, or more transparent/impactful etc etc

for these reasons, i have kept my mhdt dacs and sold the ares long ago
Denafrips Ares II MHDT Orchid AN Border Patrol Leaning towards the Orchid at the moment, with the Ares II very close.