Denafrips Ares 2 for AVR center channel application ??

does anyone know if adding a Denafrips ares 2 to a home theater for music would be an improvement ? I use a Node2i into my Marantz in theater mode most of the vocals come thru the center channel and it sounds great , I just dont know if adding a dac would affect the sound coming thru my center . I have a klipsch 504 and sounds amazing on its own with either the dac on the Marantz or the dac on the node2i . for 2 channel I can see it being better but my question is will it have an affect on voice thru the center channel because the denafrips would be sent in on left and right RCA then be processed by the receiver to come across the center or would it be a total waste of time and energy and money. I want the best possible sound thru my center channel