Denafrips 12 anniversary

I have heard Denafrips new 12 th anniversary Terminator+ 

it is $1000 more ,and just slightly better a bit warmer and slightly more refined in detail , then the previous + another guy in are multi state audio club the The terminator 12 anniversary and compared to the T2/ and price only $300 more  this is a far better deal the 12+ anniversary now $7500 Waay overpriced it is 98% thesame as the regular terminator2 ,12 anniversary .

you can buy the HoloSprings May KTE for under $6k 

the Terminator2-12 anniversary is by far the best bargain out there and being under $5k. A Best Buy , I would have  bought the + dac if it just went up $3-400 like it’s sibling ,a bit greedy ,and the Steve huff  review ,almost a carbon copy of the previous + dac review it’s your $$ just our viewpoint from a value ,performance perspective.


No refund or possibility of demo?  Of course it sounds great, you're stuck with it.... $7500 Chinese DACs are a good value?    C'mon.   There is about $7k profit built into that price.  Nothing racist , it's called capitalism.   Stop with the woke and wake up....

just to be clear, my problem with denafrips and their direct selling partners is the greed aspect... they already have direct sales, zero dealers in usa and europe, yet they are doing all the crass marketing gimmicks which smacks of harvesting their customer base on the higher end given their recently established market recognition -- this has nothing to do with the fact they are chinese, it has everything to do with how they are playing the game

i suggest to folks to get a pontus, stop there, that is value sweet spot in everything they sell, don't get sucked into higher products, ddc's to make the dacs sound right, all that nonsense

Last year I was sucked into buying the Pontus Before the 12/17/21 price hike.

I did. Guess what. No hike. They have the game down. I sold the damn thing

and broke even. No more Denafrips for this buyer.