Denafrips 12 anniversary

I have heard Denafrips new 12 th anniversary Terminator+ 

it is $1000 more ,and just slightly better a bit warmer and slightly more refined in detail , then the previous + another guy in are multi state audio club the The terminator 12 anniversary and compared to the T2/ and price only $300 more  this is a far better deal the 12+ anniversary now $7500 Waay overpriced it is 98% thesame as the regular terminator2 ,12 anniversary .

you can buy the HoloSprings May KTE for under $6k 

the Terminator2-12 anniversary is by far the best bargain out there and being under $5k. A Best Buy , I would have  bought the + dac if it just went up $3-400 like it’s sibling ,a bit greedy ,and the Steve huff  review ,almost a carbon copy of the previous + dac review it’s your $$ just our viewpoint from a value ,performance perspective.


Big time money grab.    Dozens of tiny , cheap Chinese caps populating the board. Not if they will fail, when.    micro skipping in any DAC is inexcusable , happens often.    Where is the value proposition here?  That’s serious money

I looked at the previous model there was a $1k difference between the Terminator2

and-the T+.  The transformers have a mix with silver andGold ,copper shielding on wires, and a redesign shorter signal path .

the Terminator 2-12 anniversary is a good deal , the T+ a ripoff  theHuff review was boring it said nothing ,it should have been a side by side . 
the Holo springs May KTE may be a better deal , the Terminator2 is a bit richer in tone both are great dacs and Best Buy’s. .

what other dacs are great in the $10k and under category ? 
i wish Bricasti mad a dac without the preamp built in for myself and many others use a active preamp which sounds better.

Agreed. Denafrips claim to fame has been that they provide amazing SQ and above average build quality at an affordable price point. I think they're losing the plot once they start raising the prices like this, especially as many new entrants from the chinese market (e.g. Musician, Musetec) as well as eastern europe who are making awesome and affordable DACs. Wiith all due respect, Denafrips doesn't have the panache to start acting like Chord, Playback Design, or dCS. And I say this as a proud owner of Denafrips Terminator 2.

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