Demo/Used- what would you prefer?

when buying stereo equipment i seldom buy new. Therefor its either Demo stuff or privatly used stuff.. But what is to prefer? The demo things are used less i believe, but when they are used in the shop they are pushed to the limits.. Hifi people often treat equipment like their own babies, but you never know what is done to it. many like to open it up and snoop around, maybe modify something.. spooky stuff like taking off the plastic of pieces inside..i dont know.. What do you prefer?
I`ve bought demo & B stock with full warranties. The only way I`d buy used is with an audition & no shipping involved (COD). Too many shipping & deceitful seller horror stories to suit me.
Used is usually not as expensive as Demo.

Demos come with warranties most of the time.

I'm cheap so usually by used.
With my the time I can afford what I want, used is the only choice left.

I seem to usually like things that are not so common--that means when I find one, demo or used, I try to jump on it.
Demo is the first choice if budget allows, then used after lots of research.
I tend to have to buy USED only because,
like stated above, by the time I CAN afford it,
It`s been discontinued at LEAST 2-3 years!
I DID buy a pair of Cerwin Vega AT-15 speakers
back in 1992 as a DEMO pair from Silo,
BUT I WONDER how many times they WERE PUSHED
to their limit BEFORE I bought them?
My TV (WHICH I still use to this day) WAS
ALSO a DEMO, at Fretter, I got it in
Summer 1992, WHO KNOWS HOW long it was on
BEFORE I got it? SINCE then,
I buy used, I`ve had an 80% success rate,
with used, ONLY got burned 3 times buying used.
HOWEVER, with TODAYS stereo gear,
You`re BETTER OFF buying used than NEW!
UNLESS you`re buying a TOP OF THE LINE piece!
some used items can be truly as new, but only if the first owner cared for them anal retentively, which is hardly the norm.

I'd say demo or cosmetic "b" stock is best way to get cheap, followed by well cared for used pieces. I'd stay away from used stuff with red flags or any form of refurbished product, though.