demo or nice used pre/pro & amp

Ok are you guys ready for this one I,m sure it been submitted for review before. I,m in the market for a pre-amp processor (5.1, dts and dual zone capable) and a new 5 channel amp. I use my system 75% for H.T. & 25% for music. I have a new Mitsubish 55in. wide screen with Paradigm Ref. 40 speakers and paradigm ceiling speakers in the rear. I'm really torn between the B&k ref30, Parasound 2500u, and possibly the Sunfire TG11. Question #1 Which can perform both good home theater duties and is capable of running my outdoor Nile speakers? Question #2 Which of these toys can be had at a fair price in the used or demo market? Question #3 is it better to try for a demo or nice used unit.

My amp questions are should I go for a Parasound 1205, B&K AV-5000 or Adcom GFA7500? Oh! and by the way My budget is $3,000 for preamp & amp. I know I'm asking alot.
I'd wait for the Outlaw 950 prepro ... check out info
I highly reccomend the Anthem AVM2 and MCA5. Go to for info.
I'd recommend the Anthem AVM-2 pre/pro and the Anthem MCA-5 amp, too. I have both and am very pleased. You can find the pre/pro used for about $1400. and the amp for about $900. The amp is rated at 200w per channel. The pre/pro has everything you could want (except a phone stage). I run all Snell speakers for home theatre and the sound is big, powerful and detailed. For the 2-channel, the Snell B Minors have great sound -- lots of detail and plenty of bass.
I should say I'm also running a pair of Thiel 3.6's with a Levinson 27 (a 333 is on the way) through the AVM-2. (The Theils are run balanced and the Snells through the RCA's. I turn off the MCA-5 and turn on the 27 when I want the Thiels.)
Also, the MCA-5 has a trigger which wakens the amp when it receives a signal and goes into sleep mode after about 20 minutes of no signal -- an especially nice feature if you use you speakers to listen to TV regularly.
I'd wait till March. The new Aragon will be out and you should be able to pick up a used Soundstage cheap.