Demo dispair

I hae just bought a pair of Audio Phyic demo's from a dealer in Wisconsn, I was told they were in perfect shape and could fill out warranty card. Well no material in box, includig warranty card. Several dings(cracked wood on top of speakers) and a fried tweeter. I can see that the tweeter was damaged and some kind of repair was attempted. So the dealer was well aware of the problems. I haven't contacted the dealer yet due to the time of discovery, they are closed. This truly sucks.
I hope you used a credit card. If so, take the suggestion from John_1 and make your life easy. If they won't be reasonable write your credit card company, copy the dealer, and they will reverse the charge. Then wait for the dealer to call you begging to rectify the problem.
I agree with Jperry - This Dealer lied and if these speakers were posted on Audiogon - then I would contact them and expose this dealer to all of us - and I hope that you used a credit card
Well, the Immedia www site only lists one WI dealer for Audio Physic. Never dealt with them or been there. If Croach bought it somewhere else, better to say where than to cast suspicion on an innocent authorized dealer!
Thanks All, I did contact the Dealer and of course they were very sorry. They will fix all the problem's. Still I find it disturbing that so much information and detail was overlooked. I'm not a rich guy. For me spending $11,000 on a system is a huge investment. It spent the same for my car. I hope this works out. Thanks again.
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