demo cj 16, 17 and rogue

I speent the beter part of the day auditioning tube pre's. First to the CJ 16 and 17 LS. Both sounded great, the 16 was definately smoother and deeper acroos the board. I did not really like the clicking of the volume control, but i am sure you get used to that. The price differnce between these two is pretty big but I think the 16 wins out in the long run. After I went to another dealer to hear the Rogue Audio 99 magnum, which was suggested would sound very good with my Bryston 14Bsst. I was very impressed to say the least. At half the price of the CJ 17 and a quarter the price of the CJ 16, it is going to be a tough call. Of course everything was different, speakers amps rooms etc, but I tell you the Rogue sounded nice. For the extra money savings I could move into a new tube cd player or the like and still have money left for new cables or a gift for the wife ;-). Any comments.
I see your looking for the right pre amp for your 14B SST power amp.I have a pair Bryston 7B SST,Martin logan sequel2,
Accuphase,DP55V CD and sonic frontiers line 2 pre.I love to listen this pre with any power amp. It seems like to designed to work with any amp and you can add a SSP any time if you want to.I like cj 16,17 but I prefer sonic frontiers because when you compare them you can't see real defferent between the price range. Good luck
7B-ST's and a Rogue 99 non-magnum -- very nice in my place.
are there any quality or long term ownership items to worry about with these units?
Hey Dave,. I am at the beginning of what is shaping up to be an awesome music relationship with a Magnum 99. In my short time with it, i have already used it with 3 different amp combinations. I have settled on a pair of 120Magnum Monos from Rogue. I am so unbelievably happy. Music just happens with these pieces. Do yourself a favor and call up Rogue. The owner and chief designer, Mark O'brien answers the phone. These folks at Rogue are having way too much fun desinging and building these wonderful products.