Demagnetizing cloth form Germany?

A few weeks ago a demag (for cd) cloth was sold through an agon auction. does anyone know the company/manufacturer of this item? the regular price of the cloth was listed somewhere around 49.99. any help would be appreciated..
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The name is Klangtuch 3 & is sold by the Importer Alfred Kainz. Tel No. 1-716-490-2410. What have you heard about this product? Does it really work?
Thanks much for your help on this. Only thing i know about this item is related to the testimonials connected to the ad. If it's half as good as they claim, it's worth looking into. If you're interested, I'll let you know how this turns out. Again, thanks much. maleja
Let me know how it turns out!Thanks!!
It works. Wasn't expecting much, but it helped. I want another for the upstairs rig. Alfred is the real deal.