Demagnetize or NOT ?

With the buid up of residual magnetism in one,s system,does anybody demagnetize regularly.
If so, which product offers the best improvement.
I know of the UFO. ANY others to check out?
I demagnetize cd's with the furutech unit regularly. I also use the densen CD De-Magic demagnetizer disc too. They work exceptionally well.
I use with hearable differences; the UFO thingie.
I should have mentioned, I also use the Cardas Sweep lp.
I use a bulk tape erasure from Radio Shack. I read about this in a interview with Paul McGowan about the Genesis Digital Lens that appeared in a Audio Advisor catalog. If you would like a copy of interview email me and I'll send you one. I think it hepls when I demag. the cd's.
Hi,all. Don't know why a guy can pick up 4 minuses responding to the very product mentioned in the authors' thread. Yes it works for me,but always; Your Milage May Vary.I'll bet If I had 100 good listeners seated, and listening to/ before and after/ most would hear the differences....Save your minuses for a good cause. I've been at this long enough to be able to help a lot of the newer people, and I get many emails of thanks. Don't discourage me. For free(and with no agenda)in many cases, I can be more helpful than some dealers. I save my opinions for remarks about things I have actually owned, or things I have demoed. This I think, is the true spirit of this sight. You may think the product is not worth the price; my response doesn't say everybody should go out and by one. Thanks,had to vent.
AG George always has useful, informative posts posts IMO.
I own both RS demag unit and Bedini II, and feel that demag
of Cds may offer some modest improvement, although sometimes I don't bother to do it. Furutech is supposed to be best unit of this kind, also most expensive. The best
effect of demag to me is slightly smoother treble, removing
digital edge while not removing any detail, so it is worth having to try out but to me not a must have tweak.
Thanks guy,s for your response and help. I may be wrong here but some our talking about cds. I use the purist cd periodically and it does work.
Somebody was telling me to do the actuall equipment. Which makes since.One day i disconected my active sheilding cable from my interconnects, and without thinking i tried to just plug them back in. Oh what a terrible static sound came out. Then i remmembered i had to turn off the box to reconnect the cables do to grounding. When i turned it back on the system sounded better then ever for about 3 or 4 days then went back to just great.
what happened? and how can i do this again properly.
Thanks,Sam,I needed that....... Steven_;I have the AS box as well. I fried mine 4/5 mos back. Talked to Rafial, at SR. They put a new module,for free. I figured I had one of those thingies not connected. The ics sound lo fi without / compared to how good they sound with. So, I'm extra careful about the modular plugins;now. I don't have a clue about the "improved"/for the 3/4 days. I'd hate to fry a module again. The "better than ever" I could use/then redo every 3/4 days,if it was safe. Steve,do you have the ufo? Your saying, "do the actual equipment" made me think you have one.
Avguy, no i don,t i am in the market for a good demag. on equipment and thouhgt one of you professer,s could help me with it.
How did you fry your AS box.Also do you use argent roomlens,s.Iam curios if they, and how they work along with room placement.
Thanks for your help and response.
Steven, No Room Lens. Got a smallish "too-crowded" room already.I do HT,also and got a floor full of amps and speakers. I do have the Roomtunes package. Oh, and lets not forget the 60" tv,quite a floor hog in it's own right.
I think the module fried,because the pin wasn't in, all the way.
I posted the wrong information about Paul McGowan recommending the use of a bulk tape erasure from Radio Shack in the Audio Advisor interview. The article was about using the Genesis Digital Lens to make a CD copy and the major improvement it made by removing the jitter on the original cd pressing. I apologize and will verify my information before I post any other information. Although I did read somewhere about the benefits of using the bulk tape erasure. Happy Listening sincerely, Don.