Demagnetization for MC - good or bad?

Over the years I have always used the Aesthetix MC Demagnetizer on my cartridges as a matter of course but must admit I had never identified any audible improvement afer treating the cartridge. I recently installed a Benz Micro Ruby 3H on the LP12/SME 309 combo and made an inquiry to Benz as to their opinion on demagnetizing. Their response was that it should never be done as, in their words, it "weakens the magnet". Would anyone care to comment on this situation?
i have seen similar warnings on Van Den Hul site. I have never used one but since a cartridge is an electrical generator using a magnet, i do not know why you would want to "demagnetize" it

I used to have one of those Aesthetix units and stopped using it when I heard that it could be doing damage. So my new cartridge has never seen it. I also never really heard any improvement when I used it on my old cartridge.

Now I degauss my system by playing the Cardas Frequency Sweep LP once a week. That does make a noticeable and substantial improvement.
I had the exact opposite reaction. Never could hear a bit of difference after using the Cardas LP -- repeatedly -- but the Aesthetix demag (built into my Rhea phonostage) opens up the sound.
Cartridge demagnetizers have been around for decades. I remember the first time I used my old Sumiko Fluxbuster on a Dynavector 23R that had never been demagged. Really unbelievable improvement. AJ is well known for opposing the use of these things, so I wouldn't use it on his carts, but I've never seen others reporting damage -- that they could confirm from actual personal experience -- from it. IMHO, YMMV and all that.
Thats odd about Benz...they actually make a demag.
Your right Stringreen, the top of my unit actually says 'Benz MC Demagnetizer' then has the 'Aesthetix' product name below so I'm assuming Aesthetix made it under licence for Benz - interesting?