Delta Labs Silver Source Power Cables

Does anyone have any experience with these power cables? How do they compare and are they only good for source components?
I bought one on auction, at a great price. I figured for the price, I'd try it. Did not look like the picture on the web. Instead it was braided, rather than having a cover on the outside. Insulation was clear teflon, silver wire being visible. Still very good looking, just different than the guy's picture. I am not sure of the gauge. No matter, I am interested in the sound foremost. I use it in my Jadis amp, as my CD player and tuner have captive power cords. I let the unit warm up for an hour by playing music. I then switched cables(stock cord). Instant difference for the better, and not small. Everything sharpened/tightened up, became much blacker, more extended, pleasant, veils I never heard were lifted, etc. I sound like all the other cable people now! That's because it's true. People always say power cords make much more difference on the source components. And, if that's the case, then this must be one killer cable. Haven't compared it to a SR, but I paid the same as they go for used here, so I figured what the heck. When I get my next player(SACD or DVD-A), I'll buy a SR and compare. But for now, I couldn't be happier! What price are they asking?
Have 2 Power Pro cords and 1 SR7 interconnect. Great products that make a difference at a nominal amount. The cables/interconnects look just like the picture.I'm not sure why the confusion of the above review. Gordon Mitchell is easy to work with. Prompt shipping as well. I replaced my JPS interconnects and Audio Powerlink power cords. Gordon states the Power Pro is modeled after the Shuyanta Black Mamba!! Will be buying more I'm sure. I also have Electraglide power cords and the Power Pro at least equal them.
Forgot to mention that the Power Pro are for anything including the amp. 3 10 gauge OFC copper.Burn in time at least 72 hours. The SR7 is 7 strands of pure silver in a 22 gauge braided configuration. If you look close the picture shows the braiding but the picture of the interconnect isn't very good since it mostly shows the RCA's. Burn in time is a continuous 72 hours of playing time according to the owner. Made similiar to the top line of Kimber Kable.
7671, I didn't buy directly from Delta Labs. The auction was through an individual. Different from picture, but still beautiful. And, like I said, sound to die for. Anyone considering a Silver Source has my recommendation.